Boogielicious (NL/D)

In 2007, dutch pianist Eeco Rijken Rapp and german drummer David Herzel established the band Boogielicious, that has grown to one of the most finest boogie and blues band, reaching styles as Boogie Woogie, Blues, Jazz music. 
The sound they produce is always recognized by it's fine touch and swinging music. 

Since 2009 blues-harmonica player Bertram Becher, joined the band and has given strength to the blues feeling. 

When Bertram is not available, there is another fine blues-harmonica player: Martin Fetzer. 

They have performed with artists such as, Gottfried Böttger, Little Willie Littlefield, Sabine Kaack, Paul Kuhn, Jürgen Kerth. 

Boogielicious performs regularly in Germany and Switzerland.

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