Eeco started studying piano at the age of 8 in the classic way.

After 9 nine years he switched from classic piano music to Boogie Woogie.

He learned the authentic Boogie piano style from jazz pianist Rob Agerbeek.

2006 - Started to publish his first Boogie Woogie lessons on YouTube. His channel has now over 7 millions hits and his exposure lead to the world wide attention of organizers of concerts and festivals. Performing all over Europe and USA (Marshall, Texas the birthplace of the Boogie Woogie, New Orleans, Los Angeles & San Francisco) 

2007 - Dutch/German band "Boogielicious" was found with drummer David Herzel and harmonica player Bertram Becher which enjoys weekly performances in Germany and Switzerland. (

2014 - He founded his own band: “Eeco Jazz & Boogie Express” featuring Boogie Woogie, Blues & Jazz music.

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