Eeco was born in 1983 in Jakarta Indonesia where his parents were stationed during the overseas stint of his father.

In 1988 the family returned to the Netherlands, and soon after entering primary school, Eeco started studying piano in the classic way.


At the age of 17 he switched from classic piano music to Boogie Woogie & Jazz. His teacher was well known jazz & boogie pianist "Rob Agerbeek", now also being his friend and advisor.


In 2006 he started to publish his Boogie Woogie lessons on YouTube, which his channel now has got over 6 millions hits.

The exposure on YouTube also lead to the world wide attention of organizers of concerts and festivals.


This resulted in a flood of invitations to perform live on stage. E.g. he played in Marshall, Texas (birthplace of the Boogie Woogie), Los Angeles, San Diego.. The festivals of Hamburg, Lissabon with Axel Zwingenberger (Cultur de Gest) Beaune, La Rochelle, Laroquebrou, and the Jazznights in Le Petit Journal, Paris.


In 2007 he created with German drummer David Herzel the band: “Boogielicious”, which enjoys weekly performances primarily in Germany and Switzerland. One year later blues harmonica player Bertram Becher joined the band (


In 2014 he founded his own band: “Eeco Swing & Boogie Express” featuring Boogie Woogie, Blues & Swing music.


He has performed with names such as; Bert Boeren, Frits Landesbergen, Matthias Seuffert, Engelbert Wrobel, Nicki Parrott, Paul Kuhn, Chris Hopkins, David Lukács, Ellister van der Molen, Ben Schröder, Mirjam van Dam, Frits Kaatee, Frank Roberscheuten, Gottfried Böttger, Harry Kanters, Rob Agerbeek, Little Willie Littlefield, Axel Zwingenberger, Lila Ammons, Jean-Pierre Bertrand & many more..

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